Regional status change

21 December 2015

In December the KVH board reviewed the status of three regions under the NPMP. Changes are outlined below.

North West Auckland
In October 2015, KVH monitored 11 orchards near the original positives; and identified Psa-V on a 12.55ha Hayward orchard. With three positive orchards now in the region (two of these are showing ongoing symptoms) North West Auckland no longer meets the definition of an Exclusion region. The KVH Board approved the status change from an Exclusion region to a Containment region and the controlled area notice has been lifted.

There are 106 orchards in the Kerikeri region and 73 of these have been confirmed Psa-V positive, representing 68% of KPINs and 79% ha. Infection has spread across the region and all areas are now affected.

A monitoring round of 13 orchards reported as ‘Not Detected’ was completed and as a result, a further five orchards were confirmed Psa-V positive by lab testing.

The Board approved the status change of Kerikeri from a Containment region to a Recovery region.

Eleven out of 17 orchards in the Wanganui region (61% KPINs) are Psa-V positive and 76% ha are affected.

There are three isolated orchards—one in Levin, one in Taumaranui and one in Palmerston North (associated with Massey University). Due to their isolation they will not be adversely affected by a change in regional status to Recovery.

The Board approved the status change of this region from a Containment region to a Recovery region.

The status of the Gisborne region will be reviewed early in 2016 prior to harvest after a meeting with the growers in that region.