Remember to order nursery plants in advance

30 March 2023

When we speak with and visit nurseries as part of the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS), we’re reminded of how important it is to those businesses that growers order their plants well in advance.

Zespri has been visiting nurseries to get an idea of the availability of nursery stock for the upcoming license release. Below are approximate indications of the number of plants for sale to provide an indication of the volume available. This is for grafted Zespri licensed plants only and does not include rootstock only plants.

  • Gold 3 (ZESY002) – 190,000 plants
  • Red 19 (ZES008) – 81,800 plants

Also, a Kiwifruit Nursery Plant Trading Board is available on the Zespri Canopy listing available plants for the 2023 season as submitted by nurseries.

Growers must only purchase plants that are KPCS certified and KVH movement controls must be observed. With the 2023 Zespri Licence Release this is a timely reminder that there are still Exclusion areas in the Far North and South Island.

Greenfields developments are considered Psa Not Detected so should be sourcing Full Certification plants. If you have a new development that does not currently have a Zespri KPIN, and you are wanting to source plants from a kiwifruit nursery you will need to contact KVH to be issued with a Greenfields number (until you have a KPIN) so the nursery can supply you with plants.

A list of nurseries and their KPCS status is available on the KVH website.

Please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 if you would like more information about the requirements.