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Reminder of restrictions on orchard equipment moving to the South Island

Reminder of restrictions on orchard equipment moving to the South Island

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27 Oct 21 Protocols & Movement Controls

Reminder of restrictions on orchard equipment moving to the South Island

The movement of any kiwifruit orchard equipment intended to go from the North Island Recovery region to a South Island Exclusion region or Controlled area is restricted and can only move with permission from KVH.

South Island growers are very aware of the risk of Psa potentially being introduced via contaminated tools, tractors, or sprayers. North Island growers and machinery dealers need to comply with movement control rules.

KVH advice is that absolutely no tools used on a North Island orchard should be taken to the South Island. Purchase brand new tools, preferably in the South Island.

A second-hand orchard tractor

All equipment must be 100% free of leaf, soil, or other organic material. This will usually involve the partial dismantling of any second-hand machine – risk areas where leaves or canes lodge include around the radiator, engine, under seats, behind guards, behind battery storage plates, under the instrument panel and inside the built-in toolbox.

The machine must be water-blasted, or steam cleaned, allowed to dry, and then entirely sprayed with a KVH-approved sanitiser such as Virkon (which is effective on all rubber and steel components – it does not cause steel to rust).

Even new equipment can be a risk if it becomes wet and then trucked to a South Island kiwifruit orchard with pooled water present. The equipment must be dry. As a precaution, apply Virkon before departure and on arrival.

If planning a machinery movement to a South Island Exclusion region or Controlled area, contact KVH as early as possible. A map of the South Island Exclusion region, and other restricted sites, is available online here. KVH can provide advice, inspect the machine and, provided all requirements are met, provide permission to move. We then give the South Island KVH Regional Co-ordinator a heads-up that machinery is on its way. The co-ordinator will inspect the machinery on arrival, and likely apply another application of Virkon sanitiser.

The Cook Strait is a natural and effective border between the islands. South Island kiwifruit growers have wisely adopted a fortress-like strategy effective in keeping their region free of Psa and other harmful diseases. This approach has worked. There must be no complacency among North Island machinery dealers, growers, or contractors. Please contact KVH to ensure that you are complying with the rules and if you are not sure, check.

The Protocol for machinery movements is available online here and the legal Movement Control Notice is available here.


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