Remove all unpicked fruit from vines and help protect our industry

01 June 2017

Growers are reminded of the importance of removing unpicked kiwifruit, including any arguta variety, from vines following harvest. Fruit left on vines ripens and softens over winter months, allowing birds such as white-eyes or sparrows to feed on the fruit and spread the vine’s seeds through their droppings. This exacerbates the establishment of wild vines, especially where orchards are adjacent to native bush, scrub or forestry blocks.

More than $300,000 is invested in wild kiwifruit control annually and we still do not have control over the problem. Contractors in the Bay of Plenty control an average of 11,000 wild vines yearly. There are increasing reports of wild kiwifruit recorded in the Gisborne and Nelson-Tasman regions, but wild vines can establish wherever kiwifruit is grown.

Rules in the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan include the requirement that fruit is removed from vines by 1 July each year. If fruit remains unpicked, it should be dropped to the ground as soon as possible and mulched so that the fruit pulp composts. This avoids any situation of fruit remaining on vines and accessible to birds, resulting in more wild vines.

KVH will be following up on any reports of unpicked orchards, or areas within orchards.