Report suspicious symptoms

09 February 2017
If growers notice unusual symptoms - including those that are Psa-like but don’t return a positive Psa test – please contact KVH. Additional testing can be arranged. Previous investigations have identified a number of endophytic or environmental bacteria and fungal species that have likely entered vines through wounds. Samples are also screened for other Psa strains as well as cherry leaf roll virus. The Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS) launched as a biosecurity standard for kiwifruit rootstock production also has targeted measures in place to identify organisms other than Psa. This helps reduce the likelihood of nursery plants spreading risk organisms through the industry. Information on symptoms and control measures are available in the KPCS document Target organisms and associated controls. As our understanding of biosecurity risks to the kiwifruit industry evolves, there is provision within the scheme for other target organisms, beyond Psa-V, to be added. The KVH phone number is 0800 665825.