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Researching new tools for the battle against BMSB

Researching new tools for the battle against BMSB

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Researching new tools for the battle against BMSB

One of the challenges with BMSB is the lack of effective tools available to detect and control this organism. In comparison the tools available for fruit fly are far more advanced as research has been ongoing for a much longer period of time.

Last year in response to the emerging threat of BMSB, MPI and other GIA signatories developed a research plan to provide more tools in the battle against BMSB. The three themes where the research is directed are:

prevent its entry; detect it early; and eradicate it if feasible and minimise the damage if the pest establishes.

Many of the research projects have been granted urgent priority status and link in to existing projects in the USA to deliver results as quickly as possible. Some projects have delivered results already. However, for others results will still be years away given the nature of the work.

In addition to this wider coordinated research approach, the kiwifruit industry is also undertaking research specific to our industry.

The impacts of BMSB on kiwifruit are unknown as there are few instances where invading BMSB populations overlap with kiwifruit production areas.
KVH has initiated discussions with Californian researchers to establish trials that will determine the impacts of BMSB on kiwifruit in both the laboratory and outdoor planted areas.

Matt Dyck, KVH Biosecurity


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