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Roadshow consultation for better plan for managing risk

Roadshow consultation for better plan for managing risk

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Roadshow consultation for better plan for managing risk

The KVH team and Board members have been busy over the last couple of weeks discussing the proposed new Pathway Management Plan with growers and others across the kiwifruit industry. Thank you to all those who have taken part so far – the discussions have been incredibly worthwhile in helping to further formulate the details of the proposal.

We’ve travelled around kiwifruit growing regions to hold workshops about the proposal and these have been incredibly successful both in terms of support and robust discussion about the finer details.

Overall, we’ve seen a great amount of support for the concept of the Pathway Plan and agreement that it is needed if we are going to continue to successfully manage biosecurity risk going forward. When it comes to the details of how things might be different for key groups (such as growers, post-harvest and contractors for example) there is a firm view that what we need to do is make sure we have the correct balance between managing biosecurity risk and pragmatism. Although the proposal is a new way of thinking about pathway risks, day-to-day orchard operations won’t be all that different, and what we are wanting to ensure is that we have common sense, easy to use, simple, tools and resources in place that support best practice and good biosecurity outcomes so that we can help protect the investment that many in the industry have made.

This is where the feedback we’ve had so far has been valuable. We are listening and making changes as we go, so that we can be certain what we are proposing is fit for purpose, doesn't add layers of additional compliance and adds value to growers and the industry, while robustly managing risk.

If you haven’t already spoken with one of the team about the proposal and want to, or have more that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and if you know of anyone or any group that would like us to meet with them please let us know by either phoning us on 0800 665 825 or emailing [email protected].

More information, including case studies and fact sheets, is available on the Pathway Plan information hub we’ve added to the KVH website. We welcome all comments and submissions, either by completing the form on the website or by sending an email to [email protected].


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