Sanitisers and orchard hygiene

02 April 2020

Growers are reminded that by following Psa best practice orchard hygiene during harvest they may well be protecting themselves and workers against Covid-19.

For example, plain Janola (unscented) at 1% if used on picking bags to kill Psa has also been shown to inactivate coronaviruses within a minute (read the science article here). Not all sanitisers have been proven to be effective against coronavirus but Janola is a simple and easily available product which can also be used to disinfect tractor steering wheels and gear levers if these are being used by multiple people. Nuron Biosafe, being a sodium hypochlorite product, is also effective against coronavirus and suited to organic and conventional orchards alike. Refer to the KVH website for more information on harvest hygiene and sanitiser effectiveness.

The NZKGI website has information on industry protocols specifically for Covid-19.