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Simple changes making big differences

Simple changes making big differences

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14 Feb 23 Grower News

Simple changes making big differences

During our Psa roadshows we were asked about advice and contacts for holsters.

We’ve done some investigating and growers will be pleased to know orders can still be placed for plastic holsters fabricated by a Katikati firm who answered the call a few years ago when one of our research projects called for a simple and effective solution to ensure tools are regularly sanitised.

Sanitiser solution is added to the holsters and topped up as required, avoiding the need to carry separate buckets or bottles up and down rows. This encourages regularly sanitising tools - a smart move, especially for those working with young plants, trimming males, or removing Psa infected canes ahead of harvest (to ensure soft fruit from these canes doesn’t make it to picking bins).

The recently completed five-year Gold Futures research project identified management practices that reduce on-orchard Psa related risks. This study found blocks with fewer Psa symptoms had significantly better hygiene practices, which included cleaning tools on arrival, and regularly between blocks, bays, and vines. These practices similarly protect vines from entry of other risk organisms.

A list of sanitisers effective against biosecurity risk organisms can be found on the KVH website here.

To find out more about availability and prices:

Contact - Frank at Hercules Tanks
Address - Wedgewood Street, Katikati
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 0800 788 265


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