Sites wanted for industry Phytophthora survey

30 September 2021

KVH is interested in hearing from growers who would like to be included in the industry survey of Phytophthora pathogens in kiwifruit orchards throughout New Zealand.

This spring a further 25 sites from the Northland, South Island and Bay of Plenty regions are planned to be sampled as part of this two-year project.

Spring is a perfect time for sampling as Phytophthora thrive in wet conditions after periods of rain, so planning is to begin sampling at the end of October.

Any growers interested in being included in this survey or who would like to know more about this programme can contact KVH at [email protected].

Sampling includes the collection of root and soil material, and leaves, from four vines. Both healthy and symptomatic vines are included.

More information is available here.