Snapshot of summer biosecurity stats and facts

21 April 2016

MPI’s latest summer statistics are a good indication of the pressure New Zealand’s borders are facing. Here’s a snapshot of some interesting stats:

  • 14—number of fruit flies intercepted in fresh produce risk items between December 2015 and February 2016
  • 38—number of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (mostly dead) intercepted at the border
  • 4148—undeclared risk items seized from air passengers, an increase of 28% from last summer
  • 1109—risk items intercepted from cruise ship passengers, an increase of 84% from last summer
  • 3.4—average risk items per cruise ship detected by biosecurity detector dogs
  • 2288—infringement notices issued ($400 fine), an increase of 41% from last summer
  • 343—number of inspections on arriving yachts
  • 216—number of yachts carrying fruit fly risk items

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