South Island Controlled Area Notices

22 August 2019

KVH is aware of an increasing, but still currently small number, of kiwifruit-related enterprises establishing in isolated areas of the South Island. These locations are all outside of the South Island Exclusion region and include a small male kiwifruit orchard at Karamea; a nursery producing kiwifruit plants at Te Anau; a Christchurch nursery growing kiwifruit plants; and a University housing kiwifruit seedlings for research purposes.

KVH has worked with the owners or managers of each of these sites, and is using provisions of the Biosecurity Act and National Psa-V Pest Management Plan (NPMP) that allow KVH to declare Controlled Areas to limit any potential spread of Psa.

The owners and managers have all been supportive of KVH actions to further protect these areas and enterprises. A regional classification map and information about the controlled areas is available on the KVH website.

A reminder:
- The South Island remains Psa not-detected
- KVH authorisation is required for movement of any risk item such as orchard machinery
- Any movement of kiwifruit plant material (such as plants, budwood, seeds for propagation and pollen) from the North Island to the South Island is prohibited
- Any movement of kiwifruit plant material for research is very strictly regulated.

KVH thanks everyone for their cooperation to ensure that the South Island remains Psa not-detected.