Southern Cross Horticulture joins plant certification scheme

09 July 2015

Southern Cross Horticulture in Tauranga is now producing plants certified under the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme (KPCS). Southern Cross is the first nursery in a Recovery Region to achieve this Standard, demonstrating that with good hygiene and biosecurity practices, a nursery can produce good clean plants undercover even in close proximity to orchards with Psa-V.

KPCS certification demonstrates that Southern Cross Horticulture is managing its biosecurity risks, has been independently audited, visually inspected for target organisms, and returned a non-detected result for a comprehensive test for Psa-V. This involves 600 leaves being sampled from across the operation.

While KPCS plants are permitted greater freedom of movement, movement controls still apply and no plants (KPCS or otherwise) are permitted to move from a Recovery Region to a Containment or Exclusion Region. KVH movement controls are detailed in KVH Protocol: Nursery Stock. Please contact KVH on 0800 665 825 for clarification if you are unsure about any movement.

Nurseries continue to tell us that many growers are not placing orders for plants far enough in advance. To ensure nurseries have plants available to meet demand, orders should be placed before Christmas of the year prior to dispatch (preferably in October).