Speaker of the House visits KVH

19 May 2016

The Hon David Carter visited KVH last week to get an overview on how the industry is managing Psa-V and to observe how prepared we are for a future biosecurity incursion.

David Carter was Minister of Biosecurity in 2010 when Psa-V arrived in New Zealand and supported the industry with $25 million of government funding, which was matched with industry funding, and enabled the industry to rapidly respond and begin the long road to recovery from Psa-V.

After being briefed on what KVH is doing to support the industry from biosecurity incursions, along with the current approach to Psa-V management, he visited an orchard to better understand the current state of the industry.

He was very complementary about how far the industry has progressed since 2010, and the work that is being done to protect the industry from biosecurity threats into the future.