Spray planning for spring

17 September 2015

With indications of higher levels of Psa-V this spring growers are urged to develop a robust protective spray programme best suited to their orchards.

Prior to bud-break apply a winter rate of copper to protect buds as they crack and move through the early bud phase period. In most regions vines will now be at or beyond this phase (see image).

Following bud-break, copper remains the preferred product as it is highly effective against Psa-V and provides persistent protection to canes and young tissue. Summer rates of copper are recommended and apply sprays in suitable weather.

Reapplication of copper at regular intervals will make sure all young tissue remains protected prior to high risk weather periods. Refer to the KVH Psa-V Risk Model. Sprays should be based around weather and take into consideration the rate of shoot growth.

This spring many growers are reporting higher levels of symptoms than seen for the past two seasons. Monitor to check the level of Psa-V infection within blocks to help decide if bactericides might be needed.

Bactericides might be considered if Psa-V is present and specific risk events like equinox gales, hail or frost occur.

Bactericides have additional use conditions this season so plan ahead to ensure these are met.