Spreading the stink bug message

07 September 2017

KVH is involved in several initiatives to improve awareness and readiness for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). The nationwide effort to keep this pest out continues as we enter the high-risk period and work with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and other groups across horticulture to update our comprehensive communications strategy.

KVH is co-funding the strategy which is aimed at lifting public awareness around the damaging impacts of BMSB and will hopefully increase the livelihood of early detection through passive surveillance.

Key aspects of the communications strategy include:

• KVH has extra videos available online (and these will be used at various presentations too) relating to the impacts of BMSB on kiwifruit in Italy, a shortened Bug Man video about catching BMSB, and a One News article about the impacts all kiwis will face if this bug gets here and establishes.
• MPI and industry groups are developing videos with BMSB champions.

Print advertising
• Full page advertising over the high-risk period in NZ Gardener, Go Gardening, Kiwi Gardener, NZ Grower, and various industry publications and newsletters like The Kiwifruit Journal and The Orchardist.

Digital advertising
• 30 second ads running on the TVNZ and Three Now on demand services, and YouTube.
• Displays on the Stuff, Herald, TVNZ and Three websites.

• Interviews and stories with mainstream media outlets using industry spokespeople as champions, and continuing the relationship with the Bug Man.

Social media
• Facebook, Twitter and YouTube banners and ads pushing messages from the Bug Man and encouraging travellers/visitors to check their bags, rooms, and mail parcels.

• Digital advertising on screens at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown airports.

Posters, stickers, and collateral
• More engagement with everyone from garden centres and transitional facilities to backpackers, motels and travel agencies about BMSB and distribution of posters, stickers, fridge magnets and fact sheets.