Spring Psa symptoms

06 September 2018

With sap on the rise and budbreak for many Gold sites already sitting at five percent or more, growers are highly recommended to begin Psa monitoring rounds across high risk areas of their orchards.

These include areas where symptoms have been seen previously, high traffic areas, blocks exposed to prevailing winds and areas which are cold and frost-prone or water-logged. Monitoring will inform the need for infection removal and will assist planning of Spring spray programmes. For high-risk sites where bactericides may be required weed sprays should be applied to ensure conditions for application of these products are met. Read more about mandatory orchard monitoring rounds here.

KVH has had reports of white exudate seen during grafting in some new development blocks, and we remind growers that young plants are more vulnerable to Psa so take care to monitor and protect these with directed spray programmes and ensure good frost protection is in place.

Copper should be applied at winter rates immediately prior to budbreak to all vines to protect emerging growth and then as new growth extends repeat applications should be at summer rates.