State of play at the border

12 October 2022

New Zealand’s borders need to be protected from unwanted pests and diseases, it’s critical for the sustainability of our kiwifruit and wider horticultural industries.

We work closely with Biosecurity New Zealand and there is a high degree of trust, transparency, and accountability in our relationship and the many layers of robust border protection that are in place.

There is however no such thing as zero risk. That is why these relationships, and the multi-layered approach is so important – that is what protects kiwifruit growers.

We join Biosecurity New Zealand in reviews, consultations, and submissions. We lead localised initiatives too, such as the joint programme with the Port of Tauranga which is a fantastic awareness building imitative with frontline staff about the important work they do to protect our local border and orchards within the largest kiwifruit growing region.

KVH has extremely high expectations that Biosecurity New Zealand will keep pests and diseases out of New Zealand as the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and our border activities increase. The challenges associated with this are being addressed through good biosecurity risk management, with support and input from industry groups like KVH.

In the latest Border Space newsletter, Biosecurity New Zealand provided a rundown of some of these challenges – including the rapidly opening passenger pathway; the new cruise season; adapting to cargo risk; and managing containers and parcels.

The article is well worth a read here and helps in providing confidence that correct and robust activities are being undertaken at the border to keep unwanted pests and diseases out.

The Border Space is a great, regular newsletter that contains interesting information about activities and interceptions – you are welcome to subscribe here.