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Stopping BMSB

Stopping BMSB

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27 Oct 21 Biosecurity News

Stopping BMSB

KVH has been working with industry groups and MPI to develop an Operational Agreement for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug under the GIA partnership.

Industry groups met yesterday to consider the possible approach to cost sharing between MPI and industry, along with how we can agree to the industry split of the costs involved. Our objective is to have an OA in place by mid-2017, which will ensure we are doing everything we can to stop BMSB establishing in NZ.

KVH is also a core member of a steering group preparing an application to be able to release an effective parasitoid wasp of BMSB (The Asian wasp Trissolcus japonicus), should BMSB arrive in NZ. The wasp parasitises the eggs of BMSB and when established destroys up to 75% of the eggs. The objective is to have the application for release ready to present to the Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017.


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