Stopping the Yellow Spotted Stink Bug

22 February 2018

The recent border interceptions of not only Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) but Yellow Spotted Stink Bug (YSSB) aswell are a timely and important reminder of how important it is we all know what these bugs look like and what to do if we find them.

The YSSB is similar to the BMSB in that it is a hitchhiker pest that could have serious impacts on our fruit and vegetable industries, ruin gardens and infest homes.

These bugs are around 18-23mm long (about the size of a 10-cent coin) or larger, and they are bigger than shield bugs currently found in New Zealand. The body is blackish brown and covered entirely with many small yellow spots.

View the YSSB fact sheet on the KVH website and be on the lookout, If you find anything unusual catch it, take a photo, and report it to the pest and disease hotline on 0800 80 99 66.