Summer high-risk for fruit fly entry

14 January 2016

Summer is a high-risk season for fruit flies entering New Zealand’s borders and KVH is calling for everyone travelling internationally at this time of year to be vigilant when returning to New Zealand, in particular if returning from the east coast of Australia.

The last two years have seen fruit flies detected this side of the border during the summer months, triggering significant government and industry responses (Whangarei in January and April 2014; and Auckland in February 2015).

Everyone in the kiwifruit industry has a responsibility to manage biosecurity risks when travelling. Always declare or dispose of biosecurity risk goods such as food when returning.

Click here for KVH’s best practice for kiwifruit growers to help reduce biosecurity risk when returning from an offshore orchard or farm; and also what they can expect through border control when arriving back in New Zealand.