Supply Agreement training

07 September 2017

NZKGI is offering all growers the ability to take part in their Supply Agreement training for the first time – giving participants a stronger understanding of how the kiwifruit industry is structured.

Such an opportunity to get detailed information and training designed specifically for growers on the Supply Agreement comes highly recommended. A supply entity who has taken the programme said:

“Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Supply Agreement training that NZKGI has been an advocate for. The response from all those that attended the course was consistent – the course was excellent. Personnel learnt a lot with so much making more sense to them now. Marks also to Start Afresh Ltd; their presenters were well prepared and had a high-level understanding of the topics, which they were able to explain in a relaxed manner and in plain English.”

Register your interest now and take part in the first round of training. Expressions of interest are being taken here.