Take our quick survey on biosecurity practice

14 November 2019

We’re running a quick and short survey on biosecurity and hygiene practices among those who spend the most time working on and managing kiwifruit orchards.

KVH is focused on raising awareness of good biosecurity practices on-orchard and the benefits these can bring. In doing this, we need help to learn more about the level of understanding of biosecurity amongst growers, what biosecurity practices are currently used on orchards and whether there are any common limitations to putting practices in place.

This survey will give us a clearer picture of where we can focus our efforts so that we’re better serving growers by providing the information and resources needed. The same survey is being undertaken by the avocado, passionfruit and forestry sectors so we can compare biosecurity perceptions across industries.

Your views are important – please complete the survey online. The questions are all optional to answer and you will not be identified in any of the results.