The fruit fly response at a glance

05 February 2020

· 10 – the number of solitary Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) found through surveillance trapping in the Northcote area since February 2019.

· 4,600 – the number of traps set in the greater Auckland area to find three different types of fruit flies. These remain in place and are part of a national fruit fly surveillance programme with over 7,800 traps nationwide.

· While 10 adult male flies were found (the pheromone traps attract males), no evidence of larvae, pupae, eggs, or female flies was found.

· 160 – the number of people in the field, and in Wellington, involved in the response at any given time.

· 5,766 – the number of properties in the Controlled Area and subject to movement controls on fresh produce and garden waste.

· 1.5 tonnes of fruit was collected from the area and inspected for fruit fly larvae.

· 145 tonnes of produce was collected and disposed of throughout the operation.