The new Biosecurity New Zealand

03 May 2018

KVH attended the launch of Biosecurity New Zealand earlier this week.

It is one of four new business units created within the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to provide a stronger focus on key areas of work.

At the launch, Minister for Biosecurity Damien O’Connor said pest incursions and disease outbreaks threaten our biodiversity and with increasing pressures such as growing trade, more visitors from abroad, and climate change challenges, we need a greater focus on biosecurity.

KVH works closely with MPI and advocates strongly for the kiwifruit industry in the development of legislation, policies, and standards; and in readiness and response planning. We look forward to continuing this working relationship with what is now a single point of accountability and leadership.

We particularly note the Ministers comments that the change brings together some 900 MPI staff which we agree will help provide the resources and people-power (alongside industry groups like KVH) to protect our country from biosecurity threats and respond quickly to any outbreaks.

In addition, a 25-strong biosecurity intelligence unit has been announced, which will track dangerous insects here and overseas and prepare this country’s defences in advance. This aligns with the work KVH has been leading on behalf of the kiwifruit industry to ensure preparedness for incursions from the likes of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and fruit flies and provides more resource and knowledge that we can tap into.

Read more about the changes here.