Tough Psa conditions for some Hayward sites

29 November 2018

For many later flowering Hayward sites, recent wet weather following on from periods of damaging wind has resulted in a rapid rise in leaf spot symptoms.

Leaf spot and flower bud infection points will continue to add to the inoculum load through high-risk weather periods and affected growers are recommended to apply coppers at summer rates as soon as flowering is through to help manage risk. If there are young plants or grafts in these blocks make sure nozzles are directed to ensure these also receive good coverage. Take care to only apply copper sprays in good drying conditions.

Pruning of males should be reserved to dry periods and with close attention to tool hygiene between vines to avoid infection transfer, and particularly where infected canes are also being removed. The risk model indicates ongoing moderate risk from most stations over the next week so take every opportunity to prune in the dry and follow up with spray. Apply wound protectants to all large cuts.

Refer to the KVH recommended product list for more information about summer rates, and read more about the newly registered Aureo Gold here.