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Traceability will be key in any response

Traceability will be key in any response

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04 Aug 22 Biosecurity News

Traceability will be key in any response

The measures and increased awareness of FMD remind us all of the importance of always having good biosecurity practices in place – specifically traceability. The speed of dealing with any outbreak of FMD would rely heavily on traceability, as would an outbreak or incursion affecting our industry.

  • Get Onside with quick and easy traceability: KVH and Onside are making it easier for all growers to keep records for plant material movements.
  • Develop your biosecurity plan: KVH has produced an easy to follow 5 step template that helps you complete a plan that manages biosecurity risk on your property, including traceability and record keeping of all movements across your boundary.
  • Make sure contractors have a biosecurity plan too: Contractors who are part of the Zespri Gap/Compliance Assessment Verification (CAV) will have a biosecurity plan included as part of their CAV requirements, and this will be audited as part of their existing CAV audit. Contractors who are not currently required to hold a Zespri CAV need to complete a Non-CAV Contractors Biosecurity Plan and present it to growers (much as a CAV is currently).


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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