Unauthorised machinery movement

10 December 2015

KVH is investigating an unauthorised movement of an orchard tractor from Tauranga to Nelson. Due to the risk of transferring Psa-V and/or other organisms between regions, machinery movements from a Recovery region to an Exclusion region are restricted and KVH permission is required before movement occurs.

KVH will inspect the machinery to ensure all plant material and soil is removed; that wash-down has occurred and a KVH approved sanitiser (e.g. Virkon at 1%) has been applied.

In this case the tractor had been sitting in a sales yard for an extended amount of time and had been cleaned before and after movement. Letters of warning have been sent to the machinery dealer and orchardist involved. If the movement had occurred between kiwifruit orchards, a prosecution under the Biosecurity Act may have resulted.

Orchardists moving orchard machinery, undertaking development or any other work involving inter-regional movements are reminded to gain the required permissions.

If you are unsure of KVH requirements refer to KVH Protocol: Orchard Equipment and Infrastructure or call KVH on 0800 665 825.