Unusual symptoms in autumn

03 March 2022

Growers are asked to look out for and report unusual symptoms at this time of the year when vines are likely to be under stress and susceptible to disease.

As we head into the autumn months, monitor blocks for stressed or wilted vines and consider possible underlying causes such as water management issues, girdling damage or Psa infection. Also look for infections at the trunk base or associated with graft unions or old pruning cuts, as these may indicate disease entry points.

If symptoms seem unusual contact KVH for additional follow-up and ideally, map areas with new infection. Also, tag vines of concern so these can be revisited in spring. A reminder to ensure no budwood is collected from symptomatic vines.

Plant & Food Research, KVH, and Zespri have a survey underway of Phytophthora pathogens in kiwifruit orchards throughout New Zealand. If you have any vines with known or suspected Phytophthora symptoms and would like to be involved read more here or contact KVH.