Unusual symptoms in autumn

02 March 2023

Growers are asked to look out for and report unusual symptoms at this time of the year when vines are likely to be under stress and susceptible to disease.

Tagging and ideally mapping areas of stressed vines allows easy identification of affected plants and will help growers determine any spread patterns and whether problems appear to be spreading over time.

Tags will also alert harvest teams to check for fruit which may be softening or explosive as vine disorders often impact fruit quality. These orchard areas may need a separate management plan in place to reduce stress for the current and future season.

Review of new development blocks is also important - especially those on contoured land - as unusual patterns of vine death may flag underlying drainage issues or presence of disease. KVH can support growers by taking soil and root samples for diagnostic testing to help determine whether pathogens are present and inform next steps for management of vines.

Be sure to monitor young blocks ahead of leaf-fall to allow easy recognition of failing plants. A list of KPCS nurseries is available online for ordering replacement plants.