Watch New Zealand BMSB scientists in action

20 February 2020

New Zealand is on high alert every summer for an invasion of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) and this year has been no different, as parts of Europe recover from record devastation. As the bugs go into hibernation in the northern hemisphere, the chance of them ending up in New Zealand is higher than ever before.

Kiwi Scientists are working in Italy to try and find ways to stop the spread of the serious super pest. Options for controlling them include releasing another insect – the pinhead-sized Samurai Wasp.

The Aotearoa Science Agency (that supplies New Zealand's leading broadcasters and publications with high-quality science video and written content, highlighting the important and fascinating work of New Zealand scientists and institutions) travelled to Italy to look into the issue and as a result two great features aired on Newshub over the weekend:

· The big threat to New Zealand horticultural industries and kiwi homes

· How scientists are working to stop the spread of BMSB

The BMSB Council, a group of industry organisations that partner with Biosecurity New Zealand – through the Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response – to improve New Zealand’s readiness for this pest, organised for the Aotearoa Science Agency to make the trip.