We can learn from the M.bovis review

04 March 2021

KVH is pleased Government and industry have announced their commitment to finding out what more can be learnt from the biosecurity response to Mycoplasma bovis (M.bovis).

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) announced it will conduct an independent review into the M.bovis response, which was first found in New Zealand in 2017 and is thought likely to have entered the country two years before that.

We see the review as a great opportunity to capture possible improvements so that New Zealand’s biosecurity system can be strengthened, and we can all be better prepared.

For the kiwifruit industry in particular, M.bovis has highlighted the importance of traceability - in our case this relates to plants and plant material - and being able to trace movements backwards and forwards over time so that sources of potential infection can be identified and managed as quickly as possible. This is a key element of the proposed new Pathway Management Plan.

The independent review is being fed into by affected industries and farmers, and KVH will closely follow the process and outcome.