Weather & Disease email reports now customisable

15 September 2022

Based on great feedback from growers and post-harvest, we’ve made the recently launched daily email reports even more customisable.

You can now choose the days of the week the reports are sent to you (or choose every day) and you can now also edit your preferences anytime.

Available via the KVH Weather & Disease portal, the daily email report service for weather and Psa risk information is sent directly to your inbox.

These reports are tailored for kiwifruit growers to help assess weather and disease risk information and come in a convenient PDF format (view a sample here). You can forward the email reports on to your team members, view them on your phone, or print them out.

To sign up or to manage your daily reports simply:

You have full control over when the reports are sent and for what locations, with the ability to have up to five separate reports or to pause them when not needed.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your reports, please reach out by emailing KVH at [email protected] or HortPlus at [email protected].