Whangarei changes to Containment status

18 October 2018

This spring, Psa has been detected on two new orchards in Whangarei, bringing the total to four positive orchards in the region. These new detections are within two kilometres of the existing positive orchards. With this progression of Psa the status of the region has changed from Exclusion to Containment as per the criteria specified in the National Psa-V Pest Management Plan.

For growers in the region the new detections will be disappointing as their efforts to date including removing susceptible varieties, on-orchard hygiene and compliance with movement controls have been successful in slowing the spread of Psa. However, the change to Containment status will not reduce the level of protection provided to other growers in the region as movement controls exist for the movement of risk goods between Recovery and Containment regions, and from positive to non-detected orchards within a region.

Furthermore, while infection remains in a tightly concentrated area, KVH will be keeping the existing Controlled Area Notice in place to provide further protection to growers in the region, especially those isolated from the centre of infection.

KVH has travelled to Whangarei to consult with growers and will be visiting the region again early next month to undertake monitoring rounds. It is pleasing to see that growers are undertaking monitoring in the region and a number of Psa-like samples have been submitted to the lab for testing, but fortunately these have all returned non-detected results to date (other than the four known positives mentioned above).

Updated maps and regional status information for all regions is available on the KVH website here.

Protocols and movement control information is available here.