What is missing? Watch and spot the difference

15 October 2020

What are examples of good on-orchard biosecurity practice? Can you name the basics in under a minute? To make it easy we’ve released two new quick and simple videos that demonstrate fundamental recommended practices on-orchard when arriving, working, and leaving.

The two videos are available on our YouTube channel – the first video shows recommended practices missing, while the second video shows these practices being implemented. Give them a watch and see what you can spot.

We worked with Zespri and Fruition Horticulture to produce the two videos for a recent workshop and they’re now freely available to support growers, managers and post-harvest to share practical knowledge with their teams and gain a greater understanding of best biosecurity activities on-orchard. For use in a group, we’ve also produced a script that explains what to read out to your team when playing the videos. This has been added to the KVH website.