What not to do as civilisation collapses

03 March 2022

A biosecurity faux pas has put the brakes on imports of a popular card game from the United States.

The manufacturers of the Climate Catastrophe Pack decided to include a bag of seeds as part of the promotion. According to the website, “the pack includes thousands of tree seeds you can plant to assuage your feelings of powerlessness while civilization collapses around you.”

Unfortunately, the seeds are not compliant with biosecurity requirements, so need to be destroyed if they come into the country. Biosecurity New Zealand officers at the International Mail Centre are on alert for the packs and the supplier has been contacted, who has agreed to stop sending further packs to New Zealand. Officers are also chasing up any New Zealand buyers who may have received the product.

Demand for fruit and veggie seeds has skyrocketed over recent years, leading to greater interest in online providers based overseas – some of whom KVH is aware offer varieties of kiwifruit seed for sale. Unfortunately, many seeds purchased online aren’t what they say they are and could risk introducing a plant disease.

Importing seeds is best left to reputable commercial operators who know what they are doing and are aware of requirements (including an import permit; phytosanitary certificate; and post entry quarantine for example). Biosecurity New Zealand enforce all requirements - any report of kiwifruit plants grown from unapproved seed imports will be investigated.

Please contact the pest and disease hotline on 0800 80 99 66 if you are aware of any unapproved kiwifruit seed imports.