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Wild kiwifruit surveillance planned for Te Puke

Wild kiwifruit surveillance planned for Te Puke

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04 Jun 24 Grower News

Wild kiwifruit surveillance planned for Te Puke

A reminder as you may have read in our recent Bulletin and regional newspapers, wild kiwifruit surveillance is planned for Te Puke this month.

Early winter, when leaves turn yellow, is the best time to detect wild kiwifruit vines from the air. When a fine weather window presents itself in June KVH will be undertaking aerial surveillance of the Te Puke gullies from No 4 Road to Maungarangi Road. The last time a similar survey was undertaken was in June 2021.

Information from the flight will be collated for analysis as part of an ongoing surveillance research project aimed at identifying wild kiwifruit vines through satellite imagery. The data will also be of huge help to the surveillance contractor to quickly find infestations and programme them for control.


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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