Working collectively to manage abandoned orchards

14 May 2015

There are now 108 abandoned orchards on the KVH register that have either been removed, or are in the process of being removed, since 2013.

KVH continues to work with land owners and regional councils to manage these orchards which pose a risk of Psa-V spread.

Over the last six months Bay of Plenty Regional Council has contributed $15,400 toward abandoned orchard removal costs in the region.

The removal of a 2.5 hectare abandoned orchard in Maketu was completed in April. The kiwifruit was planted adjacent to a chestnut orchard with vines smothering many of the chestnuts and willow shelter belt, killing many of the host trees. The property Trust/owners and Bay of Plenty Regional Council assisted with removal costs.

Plans are progressing for the removal of two large abandoned orchards (totalling 4.7ha) near Ruatoria; and the removal of a one-hectare very abandoned orchard at Collingwood in Golden Bay is also progressing. The kiwifruit vines and structures are heavily interspersed with mature ponga, mahoe and other native plants.

John Mather, KVH Biosecurity