Working with government to prepare for incursions

31 May 2018

In the days following the release of the Budget there was a lot of media discussion around preparing for and funding biosecurity incursions, particularly after the Finance Minister appeared on the TVNZ Q&A show Sunday 20 May.

KVH was asked for comment by media and explained that on behalf of the kiwifruit industry KVH was the first group to sign up to GIA – the Government Industry Agreement for Readiness and Response, and has been at the forefront of biosecurity readiness planning with growers, post-harvest and others across the kiwifruit industry.

There is no doubt that we need to be sure we are well prepared and can quickly respond to any biosecurity incursion to the industry. This will mean we are able to minimise the impacts on orchards and businesses, people’s livelihoods, communities and environments. Representing growers best interests is always the priority for KVH as we continue to work alongside government (and other industry groups) under GIA, making sure there are cost-effective biosecurity operations being delivered.

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