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Keeping tabs on Psa spread

Keeping tabs on Psa spread

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12 Oct 23 Company Notices

Keeping tabs on Psa spread

While Psa has been detected in almost all kiwifruit growing regions across New Zealand, the South Island remains free of this high-risk organism. Psa-free pockets may also still be found in other growing areas, including young development blocks where use of clean plant material, and good biosecurity practices have successfully excluded this pathogen.

KVH would like to remind these growers of the importance of monitoring for Psa-like symptoms through the high-risk spring period and if potential symptoms of Psa are identified for the first time contact your post-harvest technical manager, KVH Regional Coordinator or KVH.

KVH continues to hold responsibility for monitoring and managing the spread of Psa within New Zealand, and Psa remains a specified organism in the Pathway Management Plan . KVH also rapidly responds to reports of unusually high levels of Psa outbreak which may indicate control product failure or the possibility of the emergence of a new variant.

Thanks to those who have recently helped confirm the Psa status of newer orchards, or KPINs where Psa status has changed, as this supports industry in maintaining an accurate record of Psa spread.

Resources to support the seasonal management of Psa are available via the Zespri Canopy here.

Image below: Psa canker


KVH investigates reports of unusual symptoms to identify and manage any biosecurity risks.

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